ZUKAN derives from the Asian thought to keep fit
‘Cool your head and warm your feet'
Our bodies regulate temperature through our circulation.
What better way than to keep our main vein in our neck comfortably cool? 
This is the Eco product that helps prevent heatstroke.
Helps prevent heatstroke
Easy to use anytime/anywhere
Stay cool without electricity
How to use
❶ Place frozen gel into the Outer Sleeve from open end.
❷ Wear the sleeve so the opening is wrapped under the opposite end.
Ensure the Velcro is fastened.
・We recommend you freeze the extra charge/backup gel, this way you can change them easily in case your initial gel thaws out.
・The Dedicated Charge/Backup Gel Pouch makes this process very convenient.
・Please also note that having hook and loop tape stay fastened will help keep the sleeve cooler longer.
  Choose your favorite sleeve color and pattern
from our wide variety of selections.


・Place the cool gel in the freezer on an even surface. For best results ensure the cool gel is frozen for at least six hours.
・You can place a cloth between the sleeve and your neck if it is too cold.
・Do not heat gel. Gel use is strictly designed for cooling.
・Outer Sleeve is machine washable but do not iron.
・We designed the product to maintain its 30 degree temperature for about one hour. Please understand that results may vary
    depending on conditions and use.

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